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Inspired by the reliability of the sun, TMEIC offers the most celebrated renewable energy solutions in the world.

TMEIC designs, develops and supplies innovative power conditioning systems (PCS) featuring high performance, exceptional efficiency and small footprints.  Our Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) control system maximizes the power converted from photovoltaic cells, while our low-loss PCS efficiently generate concentrated solar power in low-solar conditions.

As the creator of the world’s first 1000kW photovoltaic inverter, TMEIC’s development team has long been a solutions innovator in alternative energy systems. TMEIC is the first company to receive UL certification for utility scale 1500V PV inverters in the US. TMEIC continues to break new ground by developing the most advanced photovoltaic systems..

SOLAR WARE Photovoltaic Inverters

TMEIC's utility-scale solar inverters, offering advanced multi-level systems up to 2.7 MW/2.7MVA at 1500V, include the latest interconnection technology, including power factor control, our proprietary reactive/active power control, anti-islanding technique and advanced fault ride-through features.

SOLAR WARE Power Plant Controller

TMEIC's Power Plant Controller (PPC) provides overall coordination and control of the industry’s most advanced photovoltaic systems for maximum utility-scale solar energy production and efficiency. The controller provides a convenient access point for operators to control and monitor site operations.

Energy Storage Systems

TMEIC is aggressively developing solar energy storage solutions to meet the increasing demand for grid-capable energy storage solutions by leveraging our expertise with various battery systems including lithium ion and NAS battery systems.

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