Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

  • Highly Efficient Bi-Directional Inverter
  • Maximum Efficiency 98.5% (Target)
  • +/-2500kW Active Power

Preliminary Block Diagram


General Specifications

Electrical (Under planning)
Output Rating Active Power +/-2500kW, Reactive Power pending, (Apparent capacity: 2500kVA)
DC Voltage 750V~1250V (Target)
AC Voltage 480V (Target)
Frequency 50/60 Hz ±3%
Maximum Efficiency 98.5% (Target)
Main Circuit 3-Level
Isolation Transformer External
Cooling Method Advanced hybrid cooling (fan + heat pipe heat-sink)
Communication Method Modbus, Ethernet


Installation Outdoor (Depending on the installation environmental condition and the use condition)
Ambient Temperature -5°C ~ 40°C
Relative Humidity 5% ~ 95% or less
Altitude 1000m or less