Centralized management of the entire Photovoltaic plant system

A typical Solar Ware® installation consists of multiple SOLAR WARE stations, each station is configured with multiple power channels. Each power channel contains a power optimization inverter and a DC box. The power plant controller continually monitors all the photovoltaic inverters at the site and adjusts commands to accomplish site-wide power quality goals.

New Capabilities:

  • Controls up to 255 inverters per site
  • Faster user interface performance
  • Sortable Inverter performance within the HMI
  • Faster control performance

Data Historian

  • 100 GB available for Data Historian storage 
  • Data to be split into 3 groups: 
    • Weekly at high resolution (1 sec.) all transmitted/received signals recorded.
    • Monthly at medium resolution (30 sec.), all signals available through User Interface, DC Box Temperature.
    • Yearly, at low resolution (10 min), Inverter real power, Skid DC Current.

Key Features

  • Remote control of MSC via Modbus/DNP3
  • Robust Data Historian
  • Live trending available for any transmitted signal