Revolutionary new PV Central Inverter for the Solar Industry

  • New cooling system for extreme temperature environments
  • Advanced multilevel inverter - 56% of switching loss reduction
  • Maximized and optimized efficiency at high load
  • Wide MPPT range allowing for best-in-class DC/AC ratios
  • Flexible DC-input configuration to meet complex array configuration

New 1500 V DC Series

  • Reduces cable mass to minimize cost & enhance flexible plant design
  • Reduces combiner box and number of inverters
  • Fewer cables needed between combiner box and inverter

Grid Connection Features

TMEIC sets the standard of utility-scale installation with its own proprietary design. Features include:

  • Power factor control
  • Reactive/Active power control
  • Fault ride through
    • Voltage ride through (low voltage ride through)
    • Frequency ride through
  • TMIEC's proprietary anti-islanding technique utilizes a slip mode frequency shift method


Samurai Series is a name used exclusively in North America.