Hydrogen Solutions for OEMs and Producers

At TMEIC, we understand hydrogen's role in the transition to clean energy. Our comprehensive gas compression electric drivers are proven to meet the rigorous demands of the oil, gas, petrochemical, and gas separation industries, and ensure efficiency, reliability, and safety.


For Hydrogen Liquefaction

Low-Speed Double- and Single-Bearing Motors are ideal for reciprocating compressors, the preferred choice for hydrogen liquefaction. TMEIC motors are engineered for compact spaces, reliability, efficiency, and low maintenance. 

For Hydrogen Pipelines and Large-Scale Industrial Processes

Super High-Speed Induction and Synchronous Motors are eco-friendly solutions for driving turbo compressors. Powered by TMEIC VFDs, these motors feature unique rotor construction to operate above 3600 RPM with minimal vibration, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity.

Ultra High-Speed Induction Motor
Super High-Speed
Induction Motor
Ultra High-Speed Synchronous Motor
Super High-Speed Synchronous Motor

VFDs for Operation: TMEIC VFDs reduce mechanical stress and enhance motor performance. Our drives achieve near-unit power factor, improving energy efficiency, lowering operational costs, and ensuring consistent and reliable operation.

VFDs for Soft Starters: TMEIC VFDs are ideal for starting large motors, allowing one VFD to start multiple large motors sequentially. They feature embedded synchronization transfer capability, seamlessly switching from VFD to mains without power disturbances or equipment stress.


Auxiliary Equipment: TMEIC offers an integrated motor-VFD system that includes e-houses, transformers, and circuit breakers.


Commissioning and Start-Up Supervision: TMEIC's skilled engineers provide commissioning and start-up supervision to ensure the system is properly installed and calibrated.

VFD Operation Training: Customized training programs give your team the knowledge and skills to operate your systems effectively and confidently.

Advantages of TMEIC

Durability: Our products are designed and validated to meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. They are built to NEMA MG1 or IEC and API standards 541 or 546 upon request. TMEIC tests every first motor unit for temperature rise, efficiency, and noise at no extra cost.

Integration: TMEIC motors and VFDs are engineered to ensure compatibility, avoiding technical issues and enhancing overall performance. As a manufacturer of both components, TMEIC achieves seamless integration, allowing our engineers to optimize the system for both cost-efficiency and superior functionality.

Support: TMEIC's dedicated team of experts provides comprehensive product life cycle support.

Get Started with TMEIC

Ready to enhance your hydrogen compression capabilities? Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you succeed in clean energy. 

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