Message from the President & CEO

TMEIC will accelerate efforts toward achieving a carbon-neutral society with our 20th anniversary marking a new beginning.

The TMEIC Group’s corporate philosophy is to build relationships of trust with customers and contribute to the sustainable development of a global society as an industrial systems integrator. This philosophy has been in place since our earliest days and embodies the idea of realizing sustainability that we espouse. Our unwavering mission since our founding is to resolve society’s challenges through our business and grow and develop with society and customers. To achieve this, we aim to build strong partnerships that will enable us to work hand in hand and advance forward with our customers through close communication.

As we approach our 20th anniversary in October 2023, we remain committed to being a company that supports industrial and social infrastructure and contributes to the realization of a carbon neutral society. We will also work to increase an understanding of our corporate philosophy and these activities among our many stakeholders and society as a whole. I ask for your ongoing guidance and support as we strive to achieve our goals.

TMEIC Sustainability and the SDGs

The TMEIC Group’s corporate philosophy is to build relationships of trust with customers and contribute to the sustainable development of a global society as an industrial systems integrator. This philosophy and the accompanying TMEIC Group's codes of conduct outline our approach to sustainability.

The Group recognizes that it has a social responsibility to help realize a society in which the environment and the economy are in harmony, and to develop technologies that support environmental protection. With this in mind, we have been undertaking initiatives that leverage our state-of-the-art technology and exceptional engineering capabilities so that our business activities contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. At the same time, we have endeavored to further gain the trust of customers and build better partnerships.

Following adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations in 2015, TMEIC has begun efforts to integrate the SDGs into management as a means to help achieve these goals. In fiscal 2019, we incorporated the SDGs as Group-wide guidelines and identified key challenges. Based on these critical areas, we will look to further strengthen ties with customers and continue taking on new challenges


TMEIC’s Key Challenges

All internal business divisions were involved in the process. Interviews were conducted to determine challenges and associated activities, and ensure that each of these are consistent with our management philosophy and medium-term management plan from the perspective of importance to the Company.

As a result, we put forward the following four themes as areas of critical importance.

  1. Realize a sustainable and resilient society
  2. Pursue innovation to expand added value
  3. Develop human resources and create an environment supporting corporate activities
  4. Establish standards and rules that form the basis of sound corporate activities

Going forward, we will set key performance indicators (KPIs) for each theme, regularly evaluate and re-identify the key challenges and continuously monitor each item through a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

Key Challenges in Business Activities
Key Challenges in Management Foundations

TMEIC’s Value Creation Story

TMEIC is building a business model aimed at creating value for customers and all other stakeholders.

Engineering capabilities plus motor and power electronics technology have become core competencies that are supported by our exceptional solutions business, global network and business assets, which have laid a solid platform for profit and value creation. Through the provision of products and services to customers, we seek to help achieve the SDGs and resolve other social issues as well as enhance value as a corporate group.

We believe that these efforts will enable us to build relationships of trust with customers and contribute to the sustainable development of a global society as an industrial systems integrator, the ideal we advocate in our corporate philosophy.

Realization of Corporate Philosophy

Increase Awareness of SDGs Among Employees

Increase Awareness of SDGs Among Employees

We implement training to increase awareness and understanding of the Group’s philosophy on sustainability set out in our corporate philosophy and the TMEIC Group Standards of Conduct to encourage employees to take action. At our biannual management policy briefing for all employees, we make it clear that we are advancing initiatives and activities that place "SDGs" at the core of efforts to strengthen our business foundation.

Key Challenges in Business Activities

Key Challenges in Business Activities

Realize a Sustainable and Resilient Society

Environmental problems such as climate change, resource depletion, pollution caused by chemical substances and loss of biodiversity are becoming increasingly serious each year. TMEIC recognizes its basic responsibility as a member of society to pass on our irreplaceable earth to the next generation in a healthy state. With this in mind, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society by reducing environmental burden in our business activities and providing products and systems that help minimize global environmental load. This philosophy has been codified in our Basic Environmental Policy, which is being implemented Company-wide as we go about our operations.

In addition, we endeavor to anticipate the impact of climate-related risks and opportunities on our business continuity and incorporate them into our management plans. Currently, we are considering risks such as damages to production facilities due to frequent disasters, disruptions in procurement from suppliers and other physical risks. Additionally, we recognize regulatory risks resulting from stringent environmental policies and regulations imposed by the government. We understand that addressing these risks may lead to increased production, procurement and management costs.

In terms of reducing environmental burden in our business activities, for instance, we are working to minimize CO2 emissions in the production process, control the use of regulated chemical substances and implement green procurement. Moreover, we recognize that the growing societal awareness of climate change is leading to increased demand for TMEIC's energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies, and we view this as an opportunity for business growth. For products and systems that help minimize global environmental load, we are working on the technological development of items that contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency and the proliferation of renewable energy. In particular, we recognize that our key challenges lie in the fields of energy management as it relates to our products, the effective utilization of resources and response to climate change, so these are the areas we are focusing our activities on.

In 2022, we received the Encouragement Prize in the 30th Global Environment Awards by Fujisankei Communications Group in recognition of our corporate activities aimed at reducing environmental burden and realizing a resilient society. Going forward, we will work toward the global goal of a carbon-free society by 2050 together with our stakeholders and society based on our corporate philosophy to build relationships of trust with customers and contribute to the sustainable development of a global society as an industrial systems integrator.

Pursue Innovation to Expand Added Value

The modern age is often referred to as the age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), in which economic and environmental changes occur at breakneck speed and the future is difficult to predict. TMEIC has embarked on initiatives to bring further innovation to all management activities in order to overcome various changes in the environment. To this end, we are making innovative improvements across the board, from sales and R&D to production and fundamental management foundations. In addition to providing high-value-added products and services, we will work to enhance corporate value as a company that plays an integral role for customers and society at large.

Key Challenges in Management Foundations

Key Challenges in Management Foundations

Develop Human Resources and Create an Environment Supporting Corporate Activities

TMEIC stipulates the importance of respecting basic human rights, creating a safe and comfortable work environment and providing ongoing education in the TMEIC Group's codes of conduct so that each employee can maximize his or her potential and play an active role.

Establish Standards and Rules That Form the Basis of Sound Corporate Activities

The TMEIC Group strives to ensure highly fair and transparent corporate activities, with exceptional corporate ethics and compliance as the basis for management. We aim to build a more effective corporate governance system by strengthening efforts in such areas as internal control, risk management and information management. At the same time, we attach great importance to protecting the interests of our business partners and all other stakeholders.

Sustainability ReportSustainability Report

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