Substation Solutions

TMEIC's rich experience in designing and developing industrial Substation Systems is a result of decades of history which originated with our parent companies, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric. As the primary systems engineering arm for this business, TMEIC makes use of the state of the art technology and equipment manufactured by our parent companies.

TMEIC’s specialty products include solutions that contribute to the efficient operation of substation systems to achieve reduced maintenance, space saving, increased safety, energy saving and high reliability.

TMEIC can provide the principal equipment included in an electrical substation, including.

  • Gas Insulated  Switchgear for extra-high voltage (up to 300kV)
  • Cubicle type GIS for high voltage (up to 77kV)
  • Main substation transformer for receiving power
  • Switchgear for main/plant power distribution (up to 33kV)
  • Transformer for medium/low voltage distribution
  • Low voltage distribution and motor control center
  • Back-up power for emergencies
  • DC power supply, UPS systems, Inverters, and others

TMEIC experts leverage decades of experience, through site and requirements studies and exhaustive analysis to design and engineer optimal substation systems that safely and reliably meet the unique power needs of every customer.

TMEIC’s substation engineering and technical support services include:

  • Basic and detailed system  planning/design
  • Protection Device Coordination
  • Technical Analysis (Load Flow, Short Circuit, Surge, Harmonics)
  • Transient Stability Analysis (Motor Acceleration Analysis)

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High Reliability through Redundant Configuration
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The Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) is the most suitable solution for High Voltage switching. We have rich line-up model from 69kV to 400kV. Not only we supply high quality and reliability, we also supply compact, flexible designs, robust, less field construction work, minimal maintenance GIS.
Mitsubishi Electric



The Cubicle type Gas Insulated Switchgear (C-GIS) is the compact solution for voltage level from 12kV to 84kV. The uses age of SF6 gas insulation have made the equipment smaller and lighter compared to air insulated switchgear or tank-type GIS that are used in the same applications.
Mitsubishi Electric

Power Transformer Image


Transformers are widely used through out all over the world and highly required for their safety and reliability. Form the rich experience and know-how; safety, reliable, compact, large-capacity and extremely efficiency transformer line-up model are available to support the growing demand of power transmission and distribution networks around the world.
Mitsubishi Electric

MV-Switchgear image


The compact 2 tier MV-SWGR is developed for mid-voltage range of 3.6kV to 24kV to solved substation space issue. With 2 tier MV-SWGR, the size of the substation can be greatly reduce.
Mitsubishi Electric

LV-Switchgear Images


LV-SWGR & MCC has compact design that can install more units can be install in a panel so that our customer can utilize the substation room in the most efficient way. Equipped with high reliable intelligent multi-function motor controller, customer factory operation can experience high efficiency.
Toshiba (LV-SWGR)
Toshiba (MCC)
Mitsubishi Electric

Protection Relay


Protection relay has a complete solutions for protection, control and automation of power networks at all transmission and distribution voltage levels. The innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology give our customer cost-effective and user-friendly products, while our high-quality manufacturing facilities guarantee years of reliable and maintenance-free service.
Mitsubishi Electric

Power Management Systems Image


Power Management Systems is an intelligent system that can help customer manage the factory power consumption in the most efficient way.
Mitsubishi Electric

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