Paper Machine Sectional Drive System Image

Recent paper machines utilize AC drive technology. The latest newsprint paper machine has line data of 1700m/min speed, paper width 9000mm, and the total drive capacity of about 20,000kW. For larger paper machines, each motor capacity exceeds 1000kW, so large capacity single drive inverters are being applied.

In the case of a large sectional paper machine drive system, beyond 1000kW capacity, medium voltage (1200V) IGBT inverters are applied. If the capacity is below 1000kW, 400V IGBT inverters are applied.

Common converters provide DC power to these inverters.

For paper rolls and small capacity motor applications, a multi-stage structured inverter is utilized to save space. The interface between programmable controllers and inverters is via fiber optic transmission. 

TMEIC provides innovative solutions for paper machine controls. TMEIC offers sectional control systems to satisfy paper and machinery requirements including monitoring systems, improving operational efficiency and product quality, tension fluctuation control, speed draw tracking systems and so on.

Systems Applications

Paper Machine Type

  • Sectional paper machine for newsprint paper
  • Sectional paper machine for fine and medium quality paper
  • Paper machine for craft liner
  • Paper machine for household paper (tissue etc.)
  • Paper machine for core board paper
  • Paper machine for specialty paper

Special Control

  • Multi-wire control system
  • Single canvas, gear-less drive control system
  • On coat machine control (Tension control, Synchronized speed control)
  • Reel center drive control system
  • Draw set by brand

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