TMEIC is committed to the environmental conservation in our business activities. In addition, we contribute to the conservation of earth's environment and the sustainable development of society through our products and systems which save resources and energy consumed in manufacturing.

Environmental conservation in business activities

Based on the principle of compliance, our commitment to environmental conservation includes the reduction of CO2 emission in production processes, the reduction/no use of harmful chemical materials, and green procurement.

Products and systems for conservation of earth environment

Green factory innovation 

Production activities in a factory consume a large amount of energy. TMEIC makes significant energy savings possible with our green products and systems: electric drive systems consuming less energy, motors with higher efficiency, and inverters controlling electricity efficiently. With these advanced technologies, we support customers in the realization of the Green Factory in which CO2 emission is greatly reduced, contributing to a low-carbon society.

Along with energy savings, the expanded use of renewable energy or green energy such as wind power and solar power is essential for a sustainable society. To this end, TMEIC promotes green energy systems by developing high cost-performance and high quality generato