Dynamic VAR Compensation
  • Based on proven drive converter technology
  • Dynamic control of leading and lagging reactive power
  • Minimizes voltage dips due to high lagging VAR loads
  • Stable voltage minimizes risk of equipment shutdowns
Features Advantages
  • Medium Voltage PWM Converter using common system hardware
  • Uses isolation transformer for compatibility to any customer system voltage
  • Water cooled to provide highest reliability
    • Reduced chance of contamination
    • Flexibility for customer water or outdoor water-air heat exchanger
  • MV Ratings: (with 40ºC customer cooling water)
    • 8 MVAR single bank
    • 16 MVAR dual bank
    • 24 MVAR triple bank
  • Improves Voltage Stability
  • Avoids Reactive Power Demand Charges
  • Increased Up-time by reducing trips and problems due to voltage transients
  • Can Produce Leading or Lagging VARs – Allows for optimized system using fixed CAPs and Dyna-VAR™ units
  • IEEE 519 compliant – power system and plant friendly
  • Packaged outdoor unit configurations available.


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