Achieving efficiency in manufacturing and leveraging technology to harness new energy is in all that TMEIC does. For the continued forward progression of industry and society, the world requires technologies that harmonize with the global environment. TMEIC works together with its partners around the world to evolve together towards earth-friendly "green factories" in promotion of energy saving and CO2 emission reductions.

TMEIC systems reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities through engineered solutions that promote production efficiency and contribute to the sustainable development of the global community.

Preserving the environment is essential to sustaining industrial prosperity and in turn, the societies those industries provide for. As TMEIC does business, we contribute to a sustainable society by applying our technologies to achieve never before realized efficiencies in production and energy generation. In manufacturing, TMEIC variable frequency drives constantly adjust flow or pressure rates to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. For equipment regularly operating at 70 percent of its flow rate, TMEIC adjustable speed controls can cut power consumption in half.

In addition to energy conservation, TMEIC has met the challenge of harnessing green energy, such as wind and solar power. As the world leader in rotating machinery, photovoltaic inverters and modernization solutions, TMEIC continually develops new technology to efficiently capture and convert the world’s natural energy into usable power. Photovoltaic industry revolutions such as our SOLAR  WARETM Series , the first 1500V inverter to be UL1741 certified, represent the highest levels of environmentally friendly power generation developments.

For TMEIC and the partners we serve, environmental responsibility is achieved through state-of-the-art technologies that provide the solutions towards development of a sustainable society where environment and economy are compatible.

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