Maxspeed Bucket Unloader System

Increase productivity, reduce vessel damage, operator fatigue and wear and tear with the Maxspeed® Bucket Unloader system from TMEIC. With the TMEIC bucket control system, both Hold and Close motors use incremental encoders to measure the motor speed and bucket position.

  • Automatic Operation Between Vessel and Hopper means that the operator only has to intervene when it's time to change the target. 
  • Automatic Dig Cycle lowers the bucket onto the pile, digs, closes bucket and raises, while maintaining rope tension to minimize slack rope. 
  • Bucket Loading Control allows the operator to select different types of material and density for each bucket dig operation.  Materials have varying weight and density, requiring a unique bucket rope tension to assure a fully loaded bucket without overload.
  • Enhanced on-board diagnostics and crane management system.  With optional communication package, crane status can be monitored from a remote station via an internet communication link. 
  • Advanced electronic anti-sway system to prevent bucket sway.  TMEIC employs a sensorless anti-sway algorithm that provides an improvement over open loop designs used in the past. 
  • Remote Operator Station (ROS) feature can be supplied. The ROS function allows a single operator to monitor and control multiple bucket unloaders from a remote operator desk. 

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