TMEIC Asia Launches AI-Based Smart Motor Sensor – TMASMS

TMEIC Asia Pte. Limited (hereinafter, "TMEIC Asia") launched the Smart Motor Sensor "TMASMS," which is artificial intelligence (AI) based, high-performance predictive maintenance platform for electric motors. Sales commenced in March 2022 under a Channel Partner Agreement with Analog Devices, Inc. headquartered in the United States. And TMEIC Asia completed the first delivery for PT.Bukit Muria Jaya with 25 sets of TMASMS and started monitoring whole paper machine drives motors in April 2022.

Industrial factories use various kinds of motors, whereby the conditions of motors are confirmed on a daily basis to ensure safe and stable operations at respective sites. Since monitoring the conditions of motors requires technical proficiency and experience, there was a need for a system that could replace manual operation with highly skilled experts for monitoring motors and analyzing conditions.

To address such customer needs, TMEIC Asia released the Smart Motor Sensor "TMASMS" for electric motors. Enabled by Analog Devices’ OtoSense® hardware and software solutions, TMASMS allows predicting motor failures at an early stage and contributes to the stable operation of plants and factories by monitoring and carrying out analysis 24/7 through AI that will cover key diagnostic items, and in turn, predict what could be the cause of motor failure and present practical solutions on a dashboard screen. By entering into a Channel Partner Agreement with Analog Devices, TMEIC Asia will be able to expand the reach of this motor monitoring solution.

Product Features

  1. Equipped with AI machine learning process and does not require specialized knowledge 
  2. Detects 9 types of mechanical and electrical faults:
    1) Power System  
    2) Stator Winding  
    3) Rotor  
    4) Motor Shaft/Balance
    5) Eccentricity  
    6) Bearing  
    7) Alignment  
    8) Cooling System  
    9) Loose Foot  
  3. Quick and easy installation and setup. No wires, no Gateway required.
  4. Applicable motor type: DOL / VFD driven, both IC411 and IC416 LV motors  

TMEIC Asia will integrate TMASMS with PlantLogMeister (PLM), Motor & Drive control HMI and an online data gathering system (ODG), which TMEIC Asia is also marketing, to support overall customer plant operations.  

TMEIC Asia Managing Director Kenichi Kato Comment: 
"TMEIC Asia is very pleased to announce TMASMS has entered into a Channel Partner Agreement with Analog Devices and we are confident that TMASMS is able to support customers’ facility operations."

Analog Devices Industrial and Multi-Market Platforms VP Jen Lloyd Comment:
"Analog Devices is excited to see TMEIC Asia deploying OtoSense in the TMASMS solution. This collaboration will open the door for many factory operators to have greater insight into their machine performance and improve their operations."


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