Procurement Policy


1. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations in Force in Japan and Overseas.
TMEIC's procurement activities are carried out in strict compliance with laws, regulations and social norms governing any country or region where it procures goods and services.

2. Promotion of Fair and Open Transactions.
Whether at home or abroad, TMEIC ensures fair opportunities for transactions with suppliers and procures materials based on impartial evaluations.

3. Strengthening of Ties with Procurement Partners.
TMEIC endeavors to create and develop ideal partnerships with its suppliers at home and abroad, based on mutual understanding and trust.

4. Promotion of Procuring Activities in Due Consideration for the Environment.
To create products harmonized with the environment, TMEIC selects low environmental burden materials (green procurement) and promotes procurement activities in due consideration for the environment.

Code of Conduct of the TMEIC Group’s officers and employees

1. We give priority to the companies that meet the conditions below as our suppliers.

  • Obeying laws and social norms, considering human rights, labor conditions, health and safety, and the environment are important.
  • Ensuring soundness in management
  • The quality, price, delivery date of materials and services that are supplied to the TMEIC Group are at an appropriate level.
  • Have the ability of stable supply and flexible responsibility for variations in supply and demand.
  • Have the technical capability contributing to TMEIC Group products.
  • Have the ability of continued supply even in the event of an unexpected disaster.

2. We evaluate suppliers fairly according to the standards below and procure necessary products and services.

  • Considering the environment, we adopt materials, apply manufacturing methods and conduct waste disposal.
  • Appropriate quality level
  • Reasonable price with economic rationality
  • Fulfill designated delivery date.
  • Maintain a stable supply.
  • Receive appropriate service.

3. We do not receive individual profit relating to assigned duties from suppliers.

  • Moreover, we carry out fair trade by sincerely performing the duties of contracts with suppliers and adhere to the business partner protection law and sound business practices, and we do not abuse our position of authority.

4. The designated sourcing division will conduct procurement activities according to TMEIC internal regulations.

Europe Region Only
TMEIC Europe Limited - Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

TMCA Canadian Forced Labour Report FY2023

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