The MPC is a bidirectional converter that uses an energy storage element (such as a battery or capacitor) and a high-speed switch (HSS) to eliminate voltage dips experienced by a facility. The MPC is an optional standby energy source.

With the MPC, correct power will be supplied at all times without missing the slightest drop in power. MPC prevents damage to critical equipment and plant shutdowns that can occur due to momentary voltage dips.



Feature Benefit

High-speed Switching

1 msec switching time is achieved by employing state-of-the-art high-speed disconnection switches (a hybrid of semiconductor and mechanical switches)

  • Can be applied to load equipment and facilities that are sensitive to momentary voltage dips and power outages
Wide Compensation Time

Capable of power failure compensation time for more than 10 seconds in the event of 100% total voltage drop

  • Resistant to multiple lightning strikes and capable of dealing with repeated power outages
  • Can cope with power source change-over to the emergency generator
High Efficiency Proven efficiency of 99% during operation



Rated Output Capacity MPC 1000 *1 500, 750, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3000kVA
MPC 3000 *2 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 12000kVA
AC Input Number of phases/wires 3 Phase/ 3 Wires
Rated voltage 6,600V or 3,300V ±10%
Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz ±5%
DC Input Voltage range 500〜725V
Power Supply Mode   Commercial power supply Inverter supply
AC Output Number of phases/wires 3 Phase/ 3 Wires
Rated voltage
*Same as AC Input
6,600V or 3,300V
Voltage stability Depends on commercial input voltage ±5% or less
Rated frequency
*Same as AC Input
50Hz or 60Hz ±5%
Rated load power factor *3 0.8 lag
Load factor range
*Within Rated kW Output Rating
0.7 lag ~ 1.0
Voltage THD *4 3% or less (at 100% linear load)
Voltage unbalanced rate *5 ±5% or less (at load unbalance rate of 30% or less)
Transient recovery 50 msec or less
Power failure compensation time
*Standard Compensation Time
Battery 10 sec, EDLC 1 sec
Transfer Time *6   1 msec
Other Cooling Forced air
  Operating temperature *7 0 ~ 40℃ (average 25℃ for energy storage device)
  Relative humidity 30 ~ 90% (no condensing)
  Altitude 1,000m or less
  Location Indoor (free from corrosive gas and dust), Outdoor (Please contact us)

*1. Up to 1.5MVA in case of 3,300V.
*2. Up to 6MVA in case of 3,300V.
*3. Rated load power factor can be 0.85 (lagging) to 1.0 upon request.
*4. Note 3
*5. Note 4
*6. The transfer time at voltage dip indicates the time from the detection of a voltage dip until the transfer to the power supply from the converter.
*7. The compensation time and life of the energy storage device depends on the ambient temperature. The standard selection condition for storage batteries is 25°C.

Please contact us regarding the selection of storage batteries and electric double-layer capacitors.


Energy Storage Device

Storage Battery

Battery Storage

Capable of power supply 10 seconds to several minutes as a compensator for momentary voltage dips. Also capable of coping with repeated momentary voltage dips and power failure.

Electric Double Layer Capacitor


Momentary voltage dips compensation time is generally from one to several seconds. Provides longer life than storage batteries.


Single Line Diagram

MPC 1000 MPC 3000


MPC100 Diagram


MPC 3000 Diagram



External dimensions (indoor, 6600V)

Dimensions Dimensions


Storage Battery





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