TMEIC's TM-10 family of low-voltage system drives has been designed to lower your cost of ownership with numerous space-saving and maintenance features.

TMdrive-10 Features and Benefits
Design Feature
Customer Benefit

Heat Pipe Cooling Technology – The cabinet-based IGBT power bridges use heat pipe cooling technology

Reduces Footprint and Lowers Audible Noise - this technology saves valuable floor space and lowers the required cooling-air speed, reducing the associated audible noise.

Microsoft® Windows®-Based Configuration – The toolbox is used to configure, install, and maintain the TMdrive-10 drives.

Flexible tool connectivity – Native Ethernet drive interface allows flexible point-to-point toolbox communication over a control LAN or even via your factory LAN.

LAN Options:

  • ISBus
  • Profibus™-DP
  • DeviceNet™
  • Ethernet Global Data (EGD)
  • Multiple controller platforms supported - for virtually all controller platforms, these LAN options provide seamless integration with the rest of your factory.  Either ISBus or Ethernet can be used to provide configuration/diagnostic support with the Windows®-based tool.
  • Connectivity to legacy equipment - Existing equipment can be seamlessly integrated into new systems.

Draw out inverters for low power applications

  • Compact footprint for applications up to 130 kVA
  • Each inverter is mounted on heavy-duty slides with staggered DC bus connectors on the back that connect with the bus when slid into the cabinet. This provides a mean time High-performance data exchange for trending of process variables to repair of 15 minutes

Modular phase leg assemblies for applications above 130 kVA.

  • Modular design enables a mean time to repair of 30 minutes
  • Each assembly includes the IGBTs, heat pipe cooling plate, and IGBT gate driver circuit board

Inverter-based capture buffers for fault conditions and process events

Provides high-resolution (microseconds) data capture for analysis of inverter faults or process events

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