Web Browser Access To Production Data And Reports

uTool enhances plant productivity by providing access to key data through web-based reports. This integrated view of product, process and system data delivers the right information at the right time to the right people.

uTool® Features and Benefits
Design Feature
Customer Benefit

Two Part Solution

The data warehouse combines with the reporting web site to provide a comprehensive tool for plant wide production reporting and long term analysis.

Industry Independent

This system works with virtually any KeyID based manufacturing process (batch, piece, job etc.) and can be installed into existing automation systems.

Decoupled From Automation

Both the data warehouse and web site are decoupled from plant automation systems to guarantee reliability and ensure that production is never adversely affected.

Network Availability

All users view the same information, at the same time and in the same way using a standard web browser over the plant network.

Facility Wide

Web reports are available on virtually any computer, tablet or smart phone in the plant network.

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse provides for up-to-date reporting as well as long term analytic needs.


Menus and text can translate to alternate languages.

Linked Content

Deep linking provides meaningful drill down into production and system details.

User Interface

The web browser delivers plant charts and data in an application and format familiar to all and with no installation required.

Website Design

The web site architecture is a rich framework of features including an auto-menu system, document management, security, object based code, and translations to give a consistent look and feel and ease maintenance effort.

Standard Web Programming

The PhP scripting language is easy to code with a huge online user community to help customers as they maintain and update the site.


Website access can be controlled and monitored with an internal security login system.

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