Mining Processing

TMEIC has served hundreds of applications in processing of ore, minerals, rocks, and coal worldwide. Maximum uptime and long-term reliability are critical to all applications in surface and underground mining, including ball and SAG mills, conveyors, crushers, separators, feeders, weigh stations, pumps, mine hoists, and many more.

The products or systems below are often used in mining processing applications. For detailed information on any of these products or systems, please see the reference materials in the right column.

  • Dura-Bilt5i MV – Family of medium-voltage (2300-4160 V ac) inverter drives.
  • TMdrive-10 – Family of low-voltage (440-690 V ac) converters and IGBT inverters.
  • TMdrive-30 – Family of medium-voltage (1250 V ac) converters and IGBT inverters.
  • TMdrive-70 – Family of medium-voltage (3300 V ac) converters and IEGT inverters.
  • LCI – Family of medium-voltage (2300-4160 V ac) drives.
  • TMdrive-DC – Family of DC (500-1200 V dc) drives in several form factors.
  • Motors – We have a full line of AC and DC motors in the power, speed, and enclosure options to meet your needs

Ball and SAG Mills

Ball and SAG mills form the heart of many mining processes. Drive systems used must be very reliable. Drives are often required to produce high torque (typically 150% of rated or more) during starting.

Frequently mills turn at constant speed, but must be started on weak power systems. Variable speed drives are often used in such situations to accelerate the mill to synchronous speed, and then switch the motor to the utility for continuous operation. One drive often is used to service several mills, using contactors or breakers to select the starting motor. This makes the best use of drive hardware and gives high value to the mill.

When wound rotor motors are employed, the TMDrive-10 Slip Power Recovery Drive (SPR) can help make operations more efficient. This drive operates at high power factor with low harmonics. When operating below base speed the drive returns power to the line, saving on power consumption. The TMEIC SPR drive also allows operation above synchronous speed enabling increased throughput, within the mechanical limits of the system. It is also ideal for retrofits of existing previous generation current source SPR drives.

TMEIC Dura-Bilt5i MV, TMdrive-10, TMdrive-10 SPR, and TMdrive-70 are drives commonly applied to ball and SAG mills. Please click on any of these products for more details. 

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