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TMEIC crane systems have been the driving force in crane controls and automation for more than 60 years. Engineered with an unwavering focus on reliability, safety, and efficiency, TMEIC has a well-deserved reputation as a world leader in the crane industry.

TMEIC Industrial Systems engineers are committed to the development of cutting-edge technology to improve reliability, gain efficiencies, and improve safety in any industry. From bustling ports to busy steel mills, manned or unmanned, our reliable crane controls maximize productivity and drive industries around the globe.

Advanced Crane Automation

TMEIC offers several scalable crane automation solutions from semi-automatic with manual assistance up to fully-automatic, unmanned operations. When equipped with our latest vision systems and auto-positioning subsystems, our partners reduce operational costs by assuring consistent operation, the highest levels of efficiency, increased safety and operator comfort.

Container Cranes

We deliver exceptional electric equipment for container crane systems by combining advanced control expertise with highly-reliable drive equipment, based on a proven success record in the industry.


  • Maxspeed® Crane Control System – for optimum crane operation
  • Maxview Smart Landing® System – a laser based ship profile and operator landing assist system
  • Maxview Smart Move™ System - tailored for RTG and RMG Cranes
  • Maxview Clear Path® System - collision and area protection for dockside and yard cranes
  • Maxview Chassis Guidance™ System – reduces cycle times and increases productivity by guiding the truck driver to the exact target position for quick container transfer
  • MaxFuelSaver™ System for RTGs
  • Patented Sensor-less electric anti-sway control
  • Wireless monitoring

The latest AC drive technology – TMdrive-10e2 series

  • Simple system configuration by applying a large capacity common PWM converter (one set per crane)
  • The identical IGBT-based unit for the PWM converter and inverter
  • Compact size by applying heat-pipe cooling technology
  • Drive power factor correction capacitor eliminated
  • Optional power factor correction of the whole crane using the “Crane Factor+” system
  • Reduction of downtime (about 15 min.) by applying draw-out style inverters      

Success with AC drive systems for large material handling equipment for ports (TMdrive-10 series) includes:

  • More than 500 sets of TMdrive-10 series AC drive systems have been supplied for large material handling equipment like container cranes, bucket unloaders and continuous ship unloaders


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