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TMEIC Port Solutions is a leading innovator in port automation, crane controls, and energy management. Over the last 60 years, TMEIC has established a reputation in the global port industry as a partner for design, development, and integration of advanced port solutions. 

Crane Automation

TMEIC offers scalable crane automation solutions from semi-automatic with manual assistance to fully automatic, unmanned operations. Equipped with the latest vision systems and auto-positioning subsystems, our partners benefit from reduced operational costs, consistent operation, high efficiency, increased safety, and enhanced operator comfort. 

  • Crane OCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system that automates container identification in ship-to-shore crane operations.
  • Crane OS is an Operating System (OS) that integrates Crane Suite components, such as ISO codes, truck identification, truck positioning, and damage inspection data. The single interface can be remotely managed. 
  • Crane TPS is a Truck Positioning System (TPS) that automates the flow of trucks under STS cranes, improving the crane’s performance. 
  • Crane Instrumentation System (CIS) coordinates operations and exchanges information with the STS cranes and third-party systems (Auto Straddle Carrier System, TOS, OCR), improving safety and productivity.
  • Bayplan is a key modular software application that provides a detailed cross-sectional view of a ship's container arrangement. It helps the Quay Crane Operator (QCO) follow the stowage plan and instructions via work queues, minimizing human errors.
  • Crane Factor + provides active, dynamic power factor correction to crane systems.
  • Crane Management System (CMS) is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that provides the operator with a comprehensive overview of crane operations. 
  • Maxspeed® Bucket Unloader System measures the motor speed and bucket position, increasing productivity while reducing vessel damage and operator fatigue. 
  • Maxspeed® Crane Control System uses a master controller to coordinate networked power drives and communicate with operator interfaces, input/output devices, and the yard management system, optimizing the performance of crane operations.
  • MaxView® laser-based automation system eliminates human error, reduces risk, and increases efficiency.
  • Maxview 4D® Automated LSTZ is a Landside Transfer Zone (LSTZ) solution that fully automates landing on any top-loaded container handling equipment. 
  • Maxview Smart Landing System is a laser-based ship profile and operator landing assist system that increases ship-to-shore productivity while reducing damage and noise. 

Yard Automation

TMEIC offers advanced yard solutions to improve safety, reduce damage, and increase productivity.

  • Yard Crane OCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system that automates container identification in yard crane operations (RTG, RGM, ASC).
  • Yard Crane OS is software that integrates Yard Crane Suite components, such as ISO codes, truck identification, truck positioning, and damage inspection data. The single interface can be remotely managed.
  • Maxview Chassis Guidance™ System guides truck drivers to the exact target position for quick container transfer, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.
  • Maxview Clear Path® System provides collision and area protection for dockside and yard cranes.
  • Maxview Smart Move™ System is a laser-based stack profile and operator landing assist system for RTG and RMG cranes that increases yard crane productivity while reducing damage and noise. 

Gate Automation

TMEIC offers a comprehensive system for automating the tracking and traceability of containers and trucks at access gates. 

  • Gate OCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system that enables ports to automatically identify ISO containers on trucks moving in and out of the facility.
  • Gate DMG 3D is a damage inspection system that detects and reports possible damage using 3D laser scanning and artificial vision technology. 
  • Gate OS is an Operating System (OS) that coordinates all Gate Suite components. It can also integrate TOS events on the same screen, simplifying the management interface. 
  • Gate Kiosk is an ergonomically designed, modular pedestal that manages interactions between truck drivers and the Gate OS access system. 
  • Gate LPR is a License Plate Recognition (LPR) system that provides fast, reliable capture of vehicle registration numbers, enhancing safety and security. 
  • Gate Traffic is a standardized, modular, and adaptable lane automation system. It integrates entry and exit barriers, traffic signals, information boards, and sensors. 
  • Gate Weighing integrates cargo weight data within the Gate OS. 

Rail Automation

TMEIC provides systems that collect and manage data for containers transported by train.

  • Rail OCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system for rail that identifies containers in real-time as they enter or exit port facilities by train. 
  • Rail OS integrates Rail Suite components for easy monitoring of events remotely. 

Crane Control Solutions

TMEIC delivers exceptional electric equipment for container crane systems, combining advanced control expertise with reliable drive equipment.

  • TMdrive-10e2 is an AC drive suited for large material handling equipment, such as container cranes, bucket unloaders, and continuous ship unloaders. 
  • Electronic Anti-Sway Systems are economical, lightweight systems that work in all weather conditions and require no maintenance. 
  • Maxspeed Digital Crane Control maximizes the performance of the ship unloader. 
  • Maxspeed Digital Sway Control provides a unique electronic solution to control sway on cranes. 

Automation Management Solutions

TMEIC provides applications to help ports manage key performance data for operations, industrial equipment monitoring, and events management.

  • Operations Viewer is an intuitive tool for meaningful performance analysis of the gate, rail, crane, and yard operations.
  • Exception Handling manages the automated port process, integrating crane, yard, gate, and rail automation systems. This tool manages inspection processes such as OCR, IMDG, and DMG, acquiring information from the field equipment and enabling the clerk to handle and solve exception cases.
  • Fleet Management is a smart, efficient, and operative management system that acquires data from machinery in the yard (STS, RTGs, ECH, RS, and TTs), including positioning, energy consumption, orientation, and type of operation. This system optimizes terminal operation cycle times and reduces unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • RFID Truck Interface enables trucks in the yard to be identified automatically using RFID reader technology. 

Energy Management Solutions

  • MaxShorePower is a containerized onshore power conversion system to meet the demand for clean energy and sustainable practices.  
  • Hybrid-Power Guardian is an ultra-capacitor-based solution, transforming the rubber tyred gantry into a diesel-electric hybrid RTG.
  • Energy Storage Systems provide a complete solution with the power conversion system (PCS): inverter, MV transformer, auxiliary transformer, battery container, and EMS/ PPC.


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